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Tuesday, 6 February 2018


Mibbit Chat Room Commands

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Must be OP or above
Basic IRCMibbit CommandsOperator Commands
///query <nick>[ <msg>]/autoconnect on|off
/away/server/channeltags <tag list>
/back/debug/publiclogs on|off (NOT ACTIVE)
/ban/ignore <nick>/recentchat on|off
Mibbit Chat Room Commands
Mibbit Chat Room Commands

 Owner Commands
!aop add nick 
!sop add nick 
!hop add nick 
/kick nick oR !k nick 
/ban nick OR !kb nick

Mute Command
!m For MuTe
!unban For UnMute

Akick Command

!akick add *!*@ Ip 
!akick del *!*@ Ip 

Notice Command

/notice Nick msg 

Memo Commands
/ms send nick Msg
Read a new Memo
/ms read new
Del Memo
/ms del memo1 Or /me del all

Ajoin Command

/ns ajoin add #channel 
Ajoin Del 
/ns ajoin del #channel
Mode Commands
Channel mute /mode #chitchat +m

Channel unmute 

/mode #chitchat -m
Nick ChangE
/mode #chitchat +N
RemoVe Mode
/mode #chitchat -N

/kick Nick For Kick A User
/ban Nick For Mute A User
!kb Nick For Kick ban A User
!m for Mute a User
!akick add Ip or Nick For auto kick

!akick del ip Or Nick For autokick Del

/ms nick send msg For send A memo
/ms read new For Read a Memo
/mode #chitchat +m For Channel Mute At the Time Of Abuse
/mode #chitchat – m For RemoVe ModE 
/ns register nick password For Register a nick like –> /ns register abcde
/nick newnick For Nick Change like —> /nick Abc
/silence +nick For Ignore a User —> /silence +abc
/silence -nick For unignore a user /silence -abc
/ms nick msg for Send a memo (Only Registered User Can Use It)
/ns set password newpassword For Change A password
/me Msg (Typically when you type a statement)

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